Reflective accounts on duty of care

HSC35c Contribute to the protection of all individuals Performance criteria You need to show that, 1 you use all available information to identify the risks of actual and likely danger,harm and abuse for individuals, key people and others with whom you work Risk is the chance that somebody will actually be harmed by a hazard.

The claim is that some pleasures, by their very nature, are more valuable than others. How to complete a reflective account: But the original bill was softened during the long debate, with criminal prosecutions for company bosses among the measures removed from the final version.

In Maythe Commission issued a press release on the responsible management of global supply chains and commercial practices in developing countries. Recall that the scope of theories of well-being should be the whole of a life. Including their intimate hygiene and caring needs I discuss the care needs with the individual.

Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses (2002)

The former state the constituents of well-being such as pleasurewhile the latter state what makes these things good for people pleasantness, for example. And, he claims, there is no such sphere.

Health and Social Care NVQ 3, Stuck on HSC 35?

Robert Nozick thinks it would be a big mistake to plug in: There will be no problem with the availability of the drug, and it will cost you nothing.

As part of your revalidation application, you will be required to provide five reflective accounts and complete one reflective discussion. There are signs in Aristotelian thought of an expansion of the subject or owner of well-being.

Any theory which claimed that it would amounts to an objective list theory with a desire-based epistemology. The most popular ones are: This episode of care was managed effectively as the underlying cause of the patients confusion was discovered and treated, a risk assessment was completed and a referral was promptly made to medicine management and a dossett box was supplied to Mrs A, to help her manage her own medications safely.

Throughout your account you must maintain confidentiality by using Mrs A, R or any other alphabet rather than using their actual names or addresses.

Finding a balance for those who wish to be, and letting them be as independent as possible, so long as that while doing so they do not put themselves or others at fatal risk. An Ethics of Global Responsibility This book-blog develops a conception of a global ethics that attempts to describe an ethical framework for a global moral community that includes all living human beings, near and distant future generations, and all of those non-human living beings possessing moral status whose well-being and survival are deserving of moral consideration by human moral agents.

Further, people do use the notion of well-being in practical thinking. One might make this point with a thought experiment. Well-being, what is good for me, might be thought to be naturally linked to what seems good to me, and pleasure does, to most people, seem good.

I supported him by applying deodorant helping to shave him and cleaned his teeth all with 3 you work with individuals and key people in ways that provide support that is consistent with individuals' beliefs, culture, values and preferences Clients can only access services and get help with when they know what they can reasonable hope to get from it and what their rights and responsibility are.

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But now consider a case suggested by John Rawls: Assisting clients with toileting requirements. Essays in Honour of James Griffin, Oxford: A summative version of this theory suggests, straightforwardly enough, that the more desire-fulfilment in a life the better.

Note, however, that he need not be described as an egoist in a strong sense—as someone who believes that our only reasons for action are grounded in our own well-being. Here are some examples of statements that could be used depending on the situation: Care must be seen not simply as a moral orientation, but as the basis for the political achievement of a good society, or, I would add, a morally decent world.

Your account will be a record of events that actually happened. How is this relevant to the Code? I would say to the individual who liked to read porn that they could do so as long as they kept the reading material in their own rooms.

I will develop this argument in later sections, as a part of the cosmopolitan dimension of my global ethics. One thing to remember is to not provide any details that may easily identify an individual, service user or patient especially if the event is out of the norm.

And here the notion of well-being will again come into play. We might call this substantive hedonism. State what could be done to avoid or improve similar situations in the future.

Some will believe that, if she really is informed, and not suffering from some neurosis, then the life of grass-counting will be the best for her. He chose to wear some denim jeans, green tee shirt. It is typical when something is going wrong or you are nervous about something new or out of the ordinary and you cannot help yourself thinking about it, but practitioners rarely formalise the process.‘Duty of Care’ in order to protect its youth members, representative and reflective of the communities in which its services are provided.

The Board determines policy, the Executive Commissioner and CEO implements and accounts for it. The Board approves the budget, the Executive Commissioner and CEO ensures that revenue. care in a modern healthcare environment (Pothier et al.

) and the quality of a report given may delay an individual nurses ability to provide care for up to 1 to 2 hours (Hansten, ). Reflective practice is the ability to reflect on one's actions so as to engage in a process of continuous learning. According to one definition it involves "paying critical attention to the practical values and theories which inform everyday actions, by examining practice reflectively and reflexively.

Reflective Practice

Dignity factors - Personal hygiene. Enabling people to maintain their usual standards of personal hygiene. Care is a very intimate thing. The closer the person that's helping you to someone that you like and respect, or have interests in common with, the better.

Work Experience: My Reflection By During my work experience at, I was fortunate enough to have experienced firsthand and learned, many different sides of what goes into a project, the general process.

Reflective practice

This PPT lesson covers content for the NEW BTEC TECH AWARD in Health and Social Care and Level 1/2 BTEC First. Focus is on Health and Social Care Services and Values (supports old spec- Unit 2 and new spec- Component 2) This PPT looks at the Duty of Care and includes teaching content, activities/ tasks and homework.

Reflective accounts on duty of care
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